Washoe Country School District

April 19, 2014

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Superintendent's Action Plan

When Superintendent Pedro Martinez started his new role with the Washoe County School District in August 2012, he brought with him an entry plan that focused on listening to parents, staff, students, and community members. In his first 90 days on the job, Superintendent Martinez participated in hundreds of conversations with stakeholders and visited schools throughout the District to gain a better understanding of the progress achieved thus far in WCSD and what still needs to be accomplished. Using the information he learned during the entry phase of his superintendency, Martinez developed this action plan that outlines his priorities and areas of focus to ensure WCSD continues to progress and see success for all children.


"Having deeply listened the last three months, I now have a clear idea of where, as a school district, we need to grow and how to get there. The Superintendent’s Action Plan is a document that will guide my priorities through the 2013-2014 school year and is in support of WCSD’s strategic plan Envision WCSD 2015 - Investing In Our Future. This action plan does not create new initiatives or programs; instead, it prioritizes the areas in which will be the focus our efforts and where we will align our supports based on the conversations I had with stakeholders during my first three months in WCSD."


-Superintendent Pedro Martinez


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