Washoe Country School District

July 24, 2014

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School Safety

Student safety is our top priority in the Washoe County School District. We are continually working to improve security at our schools and prepare students and staff for emergency situations. WCSD is committed to keeping the public informed about what measures are in place to protect students. Below are some resources we have compiled for parents.


WCSD School Police

"Ask the Chief" a Question 

Community Invited to School Safety Forums Español

Teach your Children to Prepare for Emergencies

Washoe County School District Counselors And School Police Offer Support

School Safety Forum Snapshot 

In March 2013, the Washoe County School District held a series of safety forums to discuss crucial safety issues facing students and their families. Panelists included school police officers, principals, counselors, and district level administrators. Community members and parents who attended the forums provided panelists with questions relating to school safety in Washoe County.

For a detailed summary of the most commonly asked questions, answers, and topics of discussion from the school safety forums, see the link below.

School Safety Forum Feedback 2013