Washoe Country School District

August 23, 2014

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Frequently Asked Questions

As part of its Mission, the Office of the General Counsel will render all necessary legal opinions for the Board of Trustees and provide legal assistance to District staff by providing advice related to such issues as guardianship/custody, contracts, and employee discipline. 

Some of staff's Frequently Asked Questions are listed below.  For more additional, please contact the office at 775-348-0300.

Cell Phone Blockers

Q:  Can I use a cell phone jamming device in my classroom?
A:  No.  The Federal Communications Commission stated in a release dated June 27, 2005, that the marketing, sale, or operation of transmitters designed to prevent, jam or interfere with the operation of cellular and personal communciations service telephones is unlawful.

Domestic Partnerships

Q:  What rights do domestic partners have with respect to meeting with students at school and access to student rights?
A:  A Certificate of Registered Domestic Partnership must be on file for domestic partners to have the following rights, including but not limited to: ability to enroll students once the natural or custodial parent signs the enrollment papers; domestic partners who live with the student at least 50% of the time are considered parents for FERPA-related issues and concerns; domestic partners may attend meetings and conferences.

Letters by School Staff on Behalf of Parents Involved in Custody Cases

Q:  Occasionally, parents may ask school staff to write letters recommending a particular action by an outside entity.  One common example is a parent who is involved in a divorce who asks a teacher, counselor or administrator to write a letter of recommendation. 
A:  When such a request is received, it is recommended that school staff not write the letter.  No school staff member may be required to write such a letter.

Non-Licensed Personnel Supervising Students

Q:  Can certified elementary school teachers leave their students with library and/or computer lab (classified) staff during some library and computer lab activities.
A:  Certain classified job descriptions allow for some instructional assistance under the supervision of licensed personnel.  This is consistent with the applicable statutes and provides the District wth proper authority to place non-licensed personnel in libraries and computer labs so long as they remain under appropriate supervision.  Without statutory guidance as to the exact definition of "immediate location", the District has some discretion to allow classified personnel to provide limited instructional activities while licensed personnel are not in the library or computer lab.


Records Retention

Q.  How long do records need to be kept?
A.  This varies depending on the type of record.  The rules of record retention are maintained by the State of Nevada's State Library and Archives, a Division of the Department of Administration.  Use the following link for Local Government Retention Schedules by Section.