Washoe Country School District

August 21, 2014

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 School Within a School

School Within A School (SWAS)

If your student scored at or above the 99th percentile on the Full-4 Scale, s/he will be considered for the following school year SWAS program. We will not need to test further, but the following information will be gathered in the spring of 2011 and reviewed to determine the suitability of SWAS placement for your student: 
  • Benchmarks/writing test/CRT’s (if available)
  • Report card
  • A review of your student’s performance from his or her GATE teacher (if applicable) 
  • Recommendations from your student’s current teacher/site principal.
  • We will also take into account parental or guardian involvement in the spring SWAS orientation
  • Commitment to the SWAS placement.

It is strongly recommended that students who qualify for SWAS consideration participate in the GATE one day a week program.   Students scoring below the 99th percentile on the Full-4 Scale will not be considered for SWAS placement.

More information regarding SWAS

Overview   and the   Orientation power point

For 2011-2012 forms and zoning information

Zoning Information  /   Transportation form   / Bus Routes

ENROLLING your student is to be done at the SWAS school.

Caughlin Ranch SWAS Teachers   Phone: 689-2600

      3/4 grade class Tami Price and Summer Thorson   [Newsletter]

      5/6 grade class Erica Allstadt and Aline Rosenberg   [Newsletter]

Roy Gomm SWAS Teachers   Phone: 333-5000

      3/4 grade class Michelle Behm   [Newsletter]

      5/6 grade class Mona Melton 

Hunsberger SWAS Teachers   Phone: 851-7095

      3/4 grade class Amy Horn and Christi Wilson    [Newsletter]

      5/6 grade class Leona Cameron and Erin Peraldo    [Newsletter]

Whitehead SWAS Teachers   Phone: 626-5200

      3/4 grade class Sherron Jones and Chelsea Keen   [Newsletter]

      5/6 grade class Diana Garrity