UPCOMING EVENTS: - for a full list of events, please see our calendar page


  • Mar. 19 Volleyball Sparks vs. Cold Springs @ Sparks
  • Mar. 19 Wrestling Sparks vs. Cold Springs @ Cold Springs
  • Mar. 19 Soccer Sparks vs. Traner @ Sparks
  • Mar. 26 8th Grade Band Festival
  • Mar. 27 7th Grade Band Festival
  • Mar. 27 Second Cup of Coffee with Sparks  9:00-10:00
  • Mar. 27 Volleyball Sparks vs. Dilworth @ Dilworth
  • Mar. 27 Wresting Sparks vs. Dilworth @ Sparks
  • Mar. 27 Soccer Sparks vs. Dilworth @ Dilworth
  • Mar. 31-Apr. 11  Spring Break

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Weekly Focus: Effort

Student's Goal: Completing our assignments on time.


Sparks Middle School Uniform Policy


  • Green polo with SMS logo, green t-shirts (long or short sleeves) with SMS logo, gray sweatshirts with SMS logo, hooded sweatshirts with SMS logo (sold through PE Department).
  • All items with SMS logo can be purchased at Kate’s Logos.
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times during the school day.

Under Shirts:

  • Students may wear solid color long or short sleeve (no prints, patterns, designs, pictures) under their uniform shirt. Only one undershirt may be worn at a time.
  • Acceptable undershirt colors are black, white, gray or green.
  • Undershirts must be tucked in at all times during the school day.


  • Khaki (tan) pants, khaki (tan) knee length shorts, khaki (tan) knee length skirts, khaki (tan knee length skirts, khaki (tan) capris.
  • Sagging pants are not permitted.
  • Leggings and tights may not be worn as pants. They may be worn under skirts or shorts and must be a neutral color (black, tan, white or gray).


  • Must be a neutral color (solid black, brown, white or gray). Shoelaces must be white, black, brown or gray.

The colors red and blue will not be permitted in the school uniform. This includes, but is not limited to, shoes, shoe laces, socks, belts, accessories, head bands, ribbons.

Other SMS issued clothing will become available throughout the year for participation in various programs (band, choir, athletic teams, honor roll, etc.). These SMS issued clothes will be permitted any day of the week for the remainder of the ’13-14 school year..




Sparks Middle School Cell Phone and Electronic Device Policy

  1. Cell phones and/or electronic devices of any kind must be in the off position during school hours.
  2. Cell phones and/or electronic devices (and all accessories) must be put away during school hours (e.g., in pocket, backpack, binder).
  3. Students must comply with teacher requests to turn off/put away all electronic devices and accessories.
  4. Students who refuse teacher requests to turn off/put away electronic devices and accessories will be referred to the discipline office. 
  5. Sparks Middle School is not responsible for lost or stolen cell phones, electronic devices or accessories.


A new program called “Safe Zones” has been implemented in all Washoe County Middle Schools due to the increase in gang activity, bullying, violence to students by other students, and lack of knowledge by the middle school student population of know where to go to receive help.  Each middle school has established individual classrooms, located throughout the school, as designated “Safe Zone” for students. This will reduce the number of incidents of bullying, harassment, gang activity, and physical fighting. During high times of student traffic (passing between classes, lunch time etc.), if a student feels threatened, bullied, or the recipient of acts of violence, he/she can enter a “Safe Zone” classroom. In this secure setting, the teacher can ascertain what is going on, and call for help if necessary without interference such as trying to stop a fight, which will immediately create a safe environment for the student.  Be sure to look for these signs spread throughout the school!



Sparks Middle School Parental Involvement Policy