Washoe Country School District

August 20, 2014

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ELL Accommodations

Accommodation Overview

Accommodation Forms will be sent to each school site by the ELL Office a few weeks before your school’s first official district assessment. All limited English proficient students must be tested for English language proficiency as well as for subject area content knowledge. The English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA) is used to assess English language proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, writing, and comprehension. ELPA scores cannot be used as an alternate to state-mandated content area assessments. All ELL students must also participate in the state subject area assessments.

Accommodation procedures

  • ELL students may receive accommodations for state subject area assessments. Accommodations are specific for each student and must be on file in the student’s blue folder. After the ELL teacher receives his/her school’s Accommodation Forms, he/she must fill them out with input from the classroom teacher, counselor and principal and make a copy. The ELL teacher files the original Accommodation Form in the blue folder and gives a copy to the principal or school testing coordinator. The ELL teacher may also want to keep a copy as a reference in case he/she receives questions about students’ accommodations from classroom teachers or other school personnel. Relevant information from this form must be provided to the appropriate test administrator(s). Test security guidelines must be strictly adhered to in all testing for NPEP. (See Accommodation Form on next page.)
  • Former LEP students who exited less than 2 years previously can receive accommodations.
  • Students whose parents have refused ELL services are still eligible to receive accommodations if needed.

LEP Testing Accommodations

 Assessment Accommodations for the ELPA
(ESL Technical Advice Bulletin 06-2)

All permissible accommodations are to be provided to LEP students who take the Nevada Alternate Assessment (NAA). If a student is able to take any sub-part of the ELPA, he/she should do so. Only if the student’s IEP prevents the student from taking any part or all of the assessment is the student considered unable to take the assessment. These students are coded ELLSE in the ESL Code field on Infinite Campus.

  • LEP students in other special education programs are to take the ELPA and receive accommodations as stated in their IEP.
  • All other LEP students should not require special accommodations for the ELPA.