Washoe Country School District

July 30, 2014

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e-Learning Opportunities


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Acquire new skills with e-Learning 

E-Learning provides a wide range of flexible learning opportunities so you can continually gain new knowledge and skills
  • Courses are self-paced
  • Complete classes anytime
  • Many topics to choose from
  • Access courses from home or work – anywhere you have internet access 
How do I access e-Learning classes?
Once you have registered for a class, go to the appropriate learning management system website and login:


Register for e-Learning classes now!





Communication Skills

Oreintation Session: 9/4

On-line Learning: 9/4-10/3

 Business writing and grammar, listening, interpersonal communication, customer service

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Health & Safety

Ongoing - Register any time


Crisis response, asbestos awareness, heat illness prevention, CPR, first aid, conflict management, internet safety, emergency management, nutrition services safety, social and emotional health, special education safety, transportation safety, WCSD mandatory courses

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Administrative Support Professionals

Orientation: 1/27

On-line Learning: 1/27-2/27

Administrative Support Professional skills, Interpersonal communication, Practical budgeting skills, Professionalism

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Leadership & Management

Ongoing - Register any time

  Business ethics, delegation, facilitation, leading change, mentoring, management tools

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Professional Effectiveness

Orientation: 12/16

On-line Learning: 12/16-1/30

Work-life balance, problem solving, dealing with difficult people, e-mail management, business protocol, critical thinking, conflict and anger management, time management, dealing with organizational change, teamwork
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Advanced Leadership & Management

Ongoing - Register any time


Interviewing and hiring, risk management, performance appraisal, managing during difficult times, managing problem performance, difficult conversations, employee engagement, creating a positive work environment

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Personalized Learning

Ongoing - Register any time


SkillPort offers hundreds of online courses. You tell us which topics you want to focus on and we’ll customize an online learning program for you. 

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Custodial Management/Supervisor Certificate

Ongoing - Register any time


Classes help to provide some of the skills and abilities that will assist current Site Facility Coordinators and Lead Custodians to succeed in their positions as well as skills and abilitites that custodians need in order to promote into custodial management positions.

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Parent Involvement Facilitator Certificate

Orientation: 8/4

On-line Learning: 8/4-12/18


Classes help to provide some of the skills and abilities that will assist current Parent Involvement Facilitators to succeed in their positions as well as skills and abilities that other employees need in order to promote into Parent Involvement Facilitator positions.

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Team Building

Ongoing - Register any time

 Cross-functional teamwork, workplace conflict, negotiation essentials, innovation, peer relationships, performing under pressure, team processes, team leadership

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Six Sigma Green Belt

Ongoing - Register any time


A data-driven improvement program that helps companies focus on eliminating defects in any process and delivering near-perfect products and services

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Which classes apply toward university credit?

Click here to view a list of SkillPort courses which you may apply toward your bachelor or associate degree at the University of Phoenix (UOP) through the Prior Learning Assessment process. If you are not currently a student at the UOP, click here for admissions information. Information about the degrees offered is located here. Please note that SkillPort courses do not apply toward Physical Education and Elementary Education degrees at the UOP.

Which classes apply toward national certification programs?

Click here to learn about earning continuing professional education credit by programs such as Project Management Institute's PMP certification, the Human Resource Certification Institute, The Six Sigma Program, and NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy).

How many hours are required for class completion?

Classes require approximately 15 hours per school year depending on the type of class and on the speed of your computer system.

Need technical support?

SkillPort Learning Management System offers quick and easy technical support around the clock. To access SkillPort support services, type the one of the following addresses into the location bar of your web browser: http://support.skillsoft.com or login at http://espwcsd.skillport.com and click the Support link.