Washoe Country School District

August 21, 2014

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School Climate

2014 WCSD School Climate Survey 


 School climate reflects the physical and psychological aspects of the school that are more susceptible to change and that provide the preconditions necessary for teaching and learning to take place

  (Tableman, 2004, p. 2). 

A safe, caring, and engaging school climate has been shown to have a positive impact on student learning and achievement, teacher organizational and professional commitment, and parent involvement and school choice. In recognition of the importance of school climate, in 2011, the Washoe County School District developed and administered the first annual School Climate Survey. The survey is intended to provide schools with data that reflect components of school climate that support a positive learning and working environment and that promote academic success among all students.

Spring 2014 marks the fourth annual administration of the Climate Survey. The annual Climate Survey allows schools to celebrate strengths, monitor changes, and respond to areas of challenge in their efforts to build a positive, safe, and self-renewing culture that maximizes student learning. The Climate Surveys also provide the district with data to help measure progress and maintain accountability on objectives that are outlined in the strategic plan. The survey battery consists of four instruments: (1) Student Climate Survey; (2) Student Safety Survey; (3) Teacher and Staff Climate/Safety Survey; and (4) Parent Climate/Safety Survey. To see a summary report for a specific school, please contact your school site administrator.

2014 Student Climate Surveys

The Student Climate Survey consists of two instruments: (1) the School Climate Survey and (2) the School Safety Survey. The surveys will be completed in the school computer labs. Half of students will receive the Climate Survey and half of students will receive the Safety Survey. School counselors and deans are assisting school principals in scheduling a time for the survey to be administered.

The 2014 Student Climate Survey will be open April 14th until the last day of school before summer break (June 13th for most schools). Please click here for directions on how to administer the Student Climate Survey at your school.

2014 Teacher and Staff Climate Survey

Teachers and school staff will receive a link to the Teacher and Staff Climate Survey through school email on April 14th, 2014. They will have until June 13th to complete the online survey.  Email reminders will be sent periodically until the survey has been completed. Note, the survey must be submitted in order for responses to register. Teachers and school staff will continue to receive email reminders until they have completed the survey.

Only school-based employees will be invited to complete the School Climate Survey. If you are a school employee and did not receive a survey invitation, please email Laura Davidson at ldavidson@washoeschools.net.


2014 Parent Climate Survey

Parent Climate Surveys will be sent to parents of all WCSD students on March 10th, 2014.  Parents will have until April 25th to complete either an online or paper copy of the survey. Parents will be emailed a link to an online version of the Climate Survey if their email address is listed in Infinite Campus. Paper surveys will also be sent to all parents who do not havetheir email address listed in Infinite Campus:

  • Parents of Middle and High School Students: Paper surveys will be directly mailed home with return postage-paid envelopes to parents of middle and high school students. Paper surveys must be mailed in or returned to the school by April 25th.
  • Parents of Elementary School Students: Paper surveys will be distributed to all elementary schools with pre-printed envelopes for privacy and sent home with students at school. Paper surveys must be returned to the school by April 25th. 

 Parent Notification Forms for the 2014 Student Climate Survey

 2014 Student Survey Previews for Parents

2014 Survey Procedure


  Long Versions

 Summary Reports



For questions about the WCSD Climate Survey, please contact Laura Davidson at ldavidson@washoeschools.net.